Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Time for Beginning

Hi friends!

Yesterday as I rifled through files on my hard-drive I stumbled upon little essays I'd written a couple of years ago. These consisted mostly of thoughts, some fiction, and were quite melancholy in tone. What amazed me most was how eloquently I'd written some things. This surprised me because recently I'd been lamenting how out of touch I'd felt with my writing and academic pursuits, and consequently that I was floundering and losing interest in them.

The purpose of this little space is to, I hope, keep my interest in writing as strong as it was when I mused and wrote those little tidbits. I'd also like to share my crafty projects. The chorus of the crafting community is so inspiring and beautiful, that it makes me want to add my own little voice to it. Finally, I want to share my travels and experiences. I love observing my surroundings, and so I'll post pictures and stories about places I've seen whilst wandering.

It's been a while since I joined the blog-bandwagon. I hope this new space will encourage new ideas and inspiration, and keep the "folks back home" updated on my whereabouts.

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