Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lady Mercy Won't Be Home Tonight

My parents don't listen to music very often. When I was growing up, my dad only listened to the Beatles and Enya. My mom only listened to Julio Iglesias.

But oddly enough, my parents have surreptitiously exposed me to great "old-school" music. For example, my dad would sing the "Bring me my bow of burning gold" line from Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Jerusalem," and it was only through the wonder of the internet that I realized he wasn't making it up!

Often, however, I've discovered good music through friends and the internet. Of course, I'd heard of Queen before college, but until I became friends with Laura, I hadn't appreciated the depth and breadth of their talent.

But even so, I haven't heard all the greatness of Queen, especially "Hammer to Fall." Thanks to my sister's boyfriend Jav and World of Warcraft's "Hammerfall," I now watch the Live Aid 1985 performance over and over and over. (Jav was reminded of the song because of the WoW reference. He then suggested I watch it on Youtube. I've been hooked since.) I just love the energy Freddie Mercury exudes when he starts out "Hey! hey! hey! hey! Hammer to fall!" It just perfectly anticipates how incredible the performance is going to be.

Though I think Freddie Mercury was pretty crazy, he is, to me, one of the most brilliant musicians and singers ever. Even if his wardrobe is rather bizarre, his voice and the music are pure elegance. Hammer to Fall probably isn't their "greatest" song, as Bohemian Rhapsody takes the cake there. However, there's something so brilliant about it. It's one of those songs that makes you want to bust out singing, like Fat Bottomed Girls, even if it just so happens to be in front of your grandmother.

I love that song. I love that band.

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